Virtual Receptionist Services

Wouldn’t it be great if your business had the professional presence of a full receptionist at any time of day? That’s where the virtual receptionist services at Go Answer come in. We can provide the warm, friendly voice of a virtual receptionist at all hours of the day—whether your office lights are on or not.

What does a virtual receptionist entail?

  • Working to a custom script to meet your needs. A virtual receptionist shouldn’t sound like a virtual receptionist—they should sound like someone who’s sitting in your office all hours of the day. We’ll work with you to ensure that’s how it sounds.
  • The right phone number. You should be able to use the same phone number you always use—don’t give a client a different number to call just because you’re off-hours. Instead, keep your branding consistent.
  • Mystery Shopper: Doing due diligence to ensure the best Outbound Services means knowing exactly what’s going on. Our Mystery Shopper service will boost accountability to the contact center systems we put in place.
  • Subscription Renewals: Need new subscriptions? Need to keep the business moving quickly and smoothly? Outbound calls to handle subscription renewals will keep your company ticking without you having to lift a finger.
  • Surveys (Online & Outbound): You need information if you’re going to have maximum impact with your communication. We can handle a variety of online and outbound surveys to get the real-time feedback you need to make informed decisions about your marketing future.
  • Warranty Support: Dealing with warranty support is a major pain for companies who would rather focus on their clients and customers. Outsource that work to us so we can keep your company running as smoothly as possible.