How to Make Sense of Your High Legal Intake Volume with a 24/7 Contact Center

Even a growing law firm needs someone to handle the high volume of calls and client needs that come in every day. This is known as “Legal Intake,” and through the services of Go Answer, you can utilize a 24-hour contact center service designed to meet your needs while addressing those of each individual client.

Think of our contact center as an integral part of your infrastructure—but simply an extension of the way you operate. We can not only help log and answer calls, but we can handle a wide range of client requests whether it’s through email, phone, or even web chat.

Because Legal Intake requires a highly specialized kind of professional on your company’s end of the lines of communication, we’ll work with you to create the right scripts for your firm. We can even sort, record, and forward calls to ensure that everything is working with the utmost efficiency.

  • Legal Intake Services include call forwarding, answering during off hours, and a range of other contact center features that you can find here at the Go Answer website.
  • After-Hours communication is just as important so that your client feels like you’re always in their corner. We can keep the communication lines open 24/7.
  • Outbound Services include making calls to your clients to ensure proper follow-up and so that you know all there that needs to be known about these specific issues.

Think of Go Answer as your all-in-one receptionist—only we work twenty-four hours a day and provide even more broad services, right down into customer support online. No legal firm should be without a way to contact its clients or receive communication, even when the office is empty. Work with Go Answer to ensure that never happens to you.