You work hard to deliver best-quality products and services to your customers, but larger corporations continue to have many advantages for customers over small businesses like yours. One of the main reasons why it's so difficult for small businesses to stay competitive is because they can’t offer 24/7 customer support, as they lack the resources to field customer calls and resolve customer issues. Fortunately, a professional answering service staffed by virtual receptionists allows your customers to stay connected with your business, no matter which industry.

An answering service allows customers to get answers to questions and solutions for problems in a timely and efficient manner without your business having to hire receptionists in-house. Answering service companies, like GoAnswer, provide your business with a team of virtual receptionists who handle calls, emails, texts, and virtual messages for you.

Some business owners hesitate to provide customers with a phone number for support and instead opt for email or virtual messaging, or do not really provide customer support at all. Both email and messaging are fantastic methods for some customers, but many customers still prefer to talk to a person over the phone when they need support. In fact, a recent survey showed that 56% of companies list phone calls as their most popular communication method with customers.

At the same time, it can be difficult for small businesses to dedicate the resources for fielding phone calls with customers. Answering services, however, allow small businesses to provide the same degree of phone, email, text, and virtual messaging support that large corporations already employ.

Your All-In-One Go Answer Service Includes:

answering service
  • 30-Day Risk Free Trial
  • For Small to Medium sized businesses
  • Free Access to AlwaysOn – our iPhone & Android app
  • Fastest pickup times in the industry
  • HIPAA compliant for healthcare professionals
  • 24/7/365 bilingual answering service options available
  • Reliable, professional and courteous

Virtual Receptionists Keep Your Customers Connected to Your Business

Traditionally, businesses have relied on in-person receptionists to answer phones and connect customers to the business during standard business hours. Some larger companies employ a team of several receptionists to cover all hours of the day, better serving customer needs and demands as they arise. Since you as a small business can't hire a huge team of in-house receptionists, you can only rely on virtual receptionists to give your customers the same degree of support while maintaining a personal touch.

Using an answering service with virtual receptionists rather than hiring in-house receptionists offers numerous benefits, such as:

No More Hiring Woes

When businesses employ in-person receptionists, they have to undergo the entire hiring process to try to find qualified candidates. Every business owner knows how expensive it can be to put ads online and around town to find a receptionist, and it can take weeks or even months to find a few candidates with the right qualifications. Even if you find a great receptionist, there is no guarantee that they will stay for a long time after they are trained.

To avoid the hiring costs associated with receptionists and the worries about turnover, you can rely on a team of virtual receptionists. Virtual receptionists undergo extensive background and employment checks before being hired at GoAnswer, saving you the time and money it would normally take for you to do these steps yourself.

Reduced Operating Costs

Companies that opt for in-person receptionists not only have to pay a wage for their time in the office but also have to pay for benefits if they employ receptionists that work full time—not to mention that they should also allocate space for them in a physical office, which can create numerous added expenses.

When you use an answering service, you only pay for the agreed-upon pricing package, not the employee salaries or their benefits. This can drastically reduce the amount you pay for quality answering services, while also increasing the number of hours your business is available for customer support.

Access to Trained Receptionists

Many small businesses hesitate to utilize answering services and virtual receptionists because they doubt virtual receptionists can provide the same quality of service as in-person receptionists can. Not only can virtual receptionists perform almost all of the same tasks as in-house receptionists, but they can also receive extensive training before they are matched with a small business like yours.

Not only can virtual receptionists deliver the same, or better service, than in-house receptionists, but they can also eliminate the need for taking voicemails and playing phone tag with potential customers, as they are always available. And they can follow predetermined and customizable scripts, schedule or cancel appointments, and so much more.

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