Small business owners like you have worked tirelessly to develop excellent products and services to make your customers' lives better and easier. Customers find many benefits in doing business with small businesses rather than large corporations, such as establishing meaningful relationships.

One such difficulty for customers wanting to work with small businesses is that they usually don't have the resources to be available for support around the clock. Fortunately, small businesses can now employ online answering services to address that issue and eliminate that barrier for potential customers.

What Are Online Answering Services?

Online answering services use virtual receptionists and communication specialists to provide customer support on your small business's behalf. With online answering services, you don't have to employ a team of receptionists or customer support agents to stay connected with your customers during regular business hours or 24/7. These services give your business, and your customers, the benefit of having around-the-clock support available without having to staff the personnel needed to run that kind of operation on your own.

There are many different types of online answering services, and you can create a fully customizable package to best suit your business's needs and budget.

Online Answering Services We Offer

Whether you simply need a virtual receptionist to answer the phone during business hours or you need an entire team to handle your business's customer inquiries, we can help you find the right combinations of services to stay connected with your customers. Some of our most popular services include:

Answering Services

Answering services allow customers to contact your business even when the office itself is closed. Virtual receptionists take calls for you and assist customers with inquiries, schedule or cancel appointments, and so much more. Answering services keep your business accessible to your customers and clients, and they'll appreciate that they can get help from a real person, no matter when they call, instead of an automated voice system like they would with larger companies.

Contact Center

A contact center provides the opportunity for clients to reach out to your company for support via email and live web chat. It can also address customer support tickets and handle inquiries immediately as they come in. This prevents you and your team from having to play catch-up after a few days out of the office, and it keeps your customers from getting frustrated or worried due to a long waiting period to hear back.

Outbound Services

Having trouble staying on top of follow-up calls and emails with interested clients? We can handle outbound calls to ensure your customers feel valued and cared for by your small business. Outbound services alone can drastically improve your customer services and exceed your customers' expectations, making them significantly more likely to choose you.

Not every business has the resources to follow up with customers, but with online answering services, your business can.

Legal Intake

If you run a law firm, you know how important it is to provide prompt customer service to maintain potential leads. With legal intake services, you'll get thorough intake forms and data that can help you take on more clients and grow your business. Plus, your potential clients can get in touch with you at any time of the day, increasing the odds that you'll get more leads than ever.

Virtual Receptionist

Instead of hiring one or two in-person receptionists, you can have a team of dedicated virtual receptionists that handle calls, emails, chats, and more during all hours of the day. Virtual receptionists can help to streamline your business's communication and reduce your team’s burden of constant communication with customers. They can do nearly any task that in-person receptionists can do at a fraction of the cost, and they undergo rigorous training to maintain high standards of service.

Go Answer Online Answering Services

There are numerous companies that offer online answering services, but there are a few key differences that make Go Answer the right choice:

Fast Turnaround

In this digital world, customers expect fast response times and quick turnaround. They don't care if your small business is swamped with fulfilling orders or trying to develop new products. They just want answers.

Our online answering service lets you focus on the day-to-day operations of running your small business, while we handle customer inquiries and provide fast turnaround on customer support emails.

Instant Web Chats

Many customers prefer to chat with an agent instead of speaking on the phone, and this service allows customers with hearing or speech difficulties to get the same level of customer support in an instant. Whether you're in or out of the office, our virtual receptionists can handle web chats and resolve customer issues quickly and efficiently while enhancing your company's image.

24/7 Availability

Small business owners often work long hours, but you can't be in your office during all hours of the day. Let us handle customer service 24/7 so that you can focus on other projects and get some much-needed downtime. By working with a team of online answering services, your customers can get quality support during all hours of the day without you having to hire multiple receptionists on your own payroll.

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If you've been struggling to keep up with customer support and demands, having an online answering team by your side can take many of the daily burdens of running a business off your shoulders. This can give you more time to develop and expand your products and services, allowing you to grow your business beyond what you ever thought was possible. Over 5,000 businesses around the country depend on Go Answer for customer support, and we can help you too!

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