Medical Answering Service


There may be no other industry where a fast, effective response is more critical. But the medical field is also broad, and can include a range of needs. That’s why Go Answer can tailor our services to fit exactly what it is you do—and what your patients expect of you.

Our services are ideal for a range of professional medical needs, including:

  • Addiction Recovery Scheduling appointments and staying responsive to potential patients helps keep you flexible while providing courteous help to your patients.
  • Dentists Scheduling appointments and keeping a virtual receptionist even when you’re away means that you can continue to book patients—even while you’re on vacation.
  • Doctors In addition to the 24/7 responsiveness offered by a contact center like Go Answer, you can tailor our services to meet the needs of prospective patients.
  • Funeral Handling funeral needs can be difficult, and there’s never a good time for it. But with the help from friendly professionals at Go Answer, funeral homes can maintain full responsiveness at all hours.
  • Home Health Providing in-home care means setting appointments, managing time, and keeping the lines of communication open.
  • Medical Equipment On a business trip, but need your office just as responsive? Use a virtual receptionist to ensure that you miss nothing.
  • Veterinary The medical needs of animals aren’t on a schedule, either. Add a new dimension to your veterinary services with a 24/7 contact center.

No matter what your specific needs may be, we at Go Answer are willing to work with you to build a script to handle a wide range of inbound needs for your services. Make sure every patient and client feel valued when they contact you.