Landscaping Answering Service


What if you could go out and handle a landscape while a virtual receptionist helps book your appointments? What if while you were at home resting, your website was engaging with customers who were using their free time to look for a new landscaping service? These aren’t exactly hypothetical scenarios—they’re a description of what your life as a landscaper might look like when you work with Go Answer.

Using our 24/7 phone answering service for starters will give you the kind of presence that you always wished you had—only it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. And using our booking service, you can watch your calendar fill up with jobs even while you’re off doing something else. Just work with our courteous professionals and teach us how to talk to customers according to the scripts and strategies you outline. Once you have that in place, your business will almost run automatically.

Landscaping can be hard work. You shouldn’t have to devote even more of your energy to handling the logistics of running a business—especially when it comes to your communications. Work with Go Answer and outsource those critical elements that help make your landscaping business run smoothly.