Hotel Answering Service


If there ever was a business that operates at any hour of the day, it’s the hospitality industry. Check-ins, cancellations, phone follow-ups, appointments—a hotel’s work never seems to be done. That’s why it’s so important to outsource communication to a contact center like Go Answer Not only can we help lift the load of your frequent communications, but our 24/7 professionals can help streamline the entire process.

By streamlining that process, you can ensure that your space is more responsive to customers, prospective customers, and the variety of employees and professionals who help make your hotel work. For example, we can help set and follow up with appointments to handle repairs and maintenance, which in turn gives you the freedom to focus directly on guest needs. This lets your in-person professionals deal directly with customers.

We can also incorporate SMS and email alerts to ensure that you always know what’s going on at your space—even when you’re not on duty or even physically there. You can also read a real-time dashboard to monitor everything that’s going on with your communications so that there are no surprises.

Go Answer isn’t just a phone answering service—it’s a 24/7, all-in-one communication center at your disposal. In the hospitality, nothing is more important—especially when it’s handled with a professional, friendly touch.