Elevator Answering Service


The elevator business, as the old saying goes, has its ups and downs—but there should be one constant in the way your business handles the barrage of calls, appointments, and scheduling issues that come up: effective communication. Go Answer can provide the steady, courteous service you need to ensure that your elevator customers feel well taken care of, no matter when they might call.

It starts with 24/7 responsive services. Our virtual receptionist can work according to your script and screen calls at any hour of the day, giving your customers the feeling like you’re a 24-hour service without disrupting your off-time. If you have employees working around the clock, our specialists can get in touch with them and ensure that every customer’s needs are addressed.

But it’s about more than call forwarding. We can also offer the personal touch that contact centers often forget about. That includes following up on appointments, scheduling appointments, and even using a script that you wrote to ensure that everyone feels valued. There’s no reason that you should have “up and down” services when it comes to the way you communicate with clients. Outsource these needs with a professional and build up a stronger, more responsive brand.