Doctors Answering Service


As any doctor knows, the art of treating people isn’t quite a business, and it isn’t quite your usual service—but there are patients out there who will expect your practice to run like one. If you’re going to offer maximum efficiency and a streamlined communication service, you need a responsive system in place that can handle 24/7 calls and handle a wide variety of patient needs.

  • Appointment Management One of the most troublesome areas to handle can be handling appointments. Follow-ups, cancellations, new appointments, routine appointments—you need more than just a calendar to take control over your practice. Let Go Answer handle appointment management for you.
  • 24/7 support You have “off” hours, but your patients don’t. What happens when they call and you’re not in the office? If you have Go Answer in place, they’ll be able to talk to a live, courteous professional who can respond to their inquiry and direct them to the appropriate place. Simply work with our team to build the scripts and funnels you need in place to ensure every patient is taken care of.
  • HIPAA training We can handle all the ins and outs of sensitive medical information, which means you don’t have to worry about your contact center mishandling said information. That not only gives you peace of mind, but ensures that all of your patients feel their information is handled with great care.