Dentist Answering Service


As a dentist, you have to be ready to handle anything patients throw at you. That means remaining flexible. A 24/7 contact center can not only help you schedule appointments, but can provide the responsive professionalism that your patients need, even when you’re out of the office.

With Go Answer, you can change the way your practice runs without ever interrupting the flow of your regular work day. That means flexibility in scheduling patients, a virtual receptionist for off hours, and the ability to even handle web inquiries for anyone visiting your dental practice website.

Why work with a contact center? Because your work day shouldn’t be filled with communication. You have patients to see. People to treat. Mouths to clean. By putting much more of your communication needs in the hands of our trusted, courteous professionals, you can handle plenty of inbound calls and business without ever interrupting the flow of your work. Go Answer is ideal for dentists who want to focus on patient care while remaining just as responsive as a much larger practice.

Put it all together and you have a practice that runs as smoothly as ever, but is capable of handling even more. Go Answer is not only a way to grow your business, but to improve the customer service you offer.