Contractors Answering Service


There are few industries where it’s as important to be communicative and responsive as that of contracting. Building a relationship with every client isn’t just important to your business—it’s paramount. With Go Answer, your contracting business will have everything it needs to keep you responsive to clients while devoting just as much time and focus to the work you love.

But not all contractor jobs are built the same. That’s why offer unique services that suit a range of different needs, including:

  • Cleaning Companies You’re busy cleaning, and when you charge by the hour, your clients don’t pay you to take phone calls. Outsource that to us.
  • Construction Construction means long hours in a variety of locations, which makes Go Answer's virtual receptionist service all the more important.
  • Electricians Stay out on the job while a virtual receptionist handles calls as though customers are calling your office directly.
  • Elevators Stay responsive to emergency maintenance by having our team at Go Answer know where and when to contact you.
  • HVAC We can help you book appointments to ensure that 100% of your time is spent on billable work, helping to focus your HVAC business and provide the best services possible.
  • Landscaping Stay outdoors, but let Go Answer act as your indoor contact center—and much more.
  • Paving We can on board new clients and schedule appointments on your behalf so that you can focus on your paving work.
  • Pest Control Need to fill your day? Need to follow up with customers? Need to automate it all so you’re free to focus on work? Go Answer can handle it all.
  • Plumbers Respond to emergencies and build an extensive relationship with each client by keeping available through Go Answer
  • Roofers The roof isn’t always the best place to respond to new customers. But Go Answer can take over that duty while you’re hard at work.
  • Tree Care Integrate a web chat with your tree care website and take on new clients without ever having to lift a finger.

But it doesn’t end there. Just as no two jobs are alike when you’re a contractor, no two companies are alike. That’s why our contact centers at Go Answer offer you the tailored, professional services that work within your specific needs. That includes setting up custom scripts for onboarding new clients, and even taking calls when you’re on your off hours. This gives your contracting business the flexibility to stay open and ready for business—even when you’re taking some much-needed rest.