Construction Answering Service


Outdoor work can be challenging—not only from a physical standpoint, but in how hard it is to manage your business. In construction, you have to handle appointments, phone calls, follow-ups, respond to emergencies—all while you’re trying to focus on the job at hand. At Go Answer, we provide full contact center services, customizable to your needs, to ensure that your construction outfit can always respond to the outside world with timely professionalism.

How does it work? We’ll assign our courteous professionals to understanding the specific scripts that work best in your business. We can not only handle 24/7 call management, but we can forward the right calls to you—and screen the ones that you don’t need to hear right now. It’s a customizable process, which means you aren’t outsourcing your important work to a simple call center farm.

Not only can we help book appointments, but we can also handle following up with previous clients and even vendors to ensure that everything in your construction business is working just how it should. Put it all together and Go Answer can be like a business-within-a-business—for just a fraction of the price.