Commercial Property Management Answering Service

Commercial Property Management

No other business quite calls for the professional touch than that of commercial property management. You’re not just dealing with individuals here—you’re dealing with living, breathing businesses that can stand to lose a lot of money if your space doesn’t live up to its end of the lease.

That’s why Commercial Property Management can use the services of Go Answer to boost communication without losing any responsiveness. Not only will we help you handle calls 24/7—even when you’re not near the company phone—but we can even handle some of the issues that come up in the course of managing an expensive commercial property. That includes:

  • Setting appointments Especially with tenants, and filling your schedule within the parameters you set. We can also help set appointments with outside vendors and contractors when you need to handle repairs and maintenance.
  • Clean voice mail When you have real, live people handling your calls, you’ll never have to wonder in dread what’s coming up next in the voice mail inbox.
  • After-hours responsiveness With our 24/7 services, you can be away from the property and still maintain responsiveness to any tenants working late.

In short, Go Answer is here to help commercial property managers better at their business with real, live humans at the dials.