What is a Virtual Receptionist and Why Are They Vital to Your Law Firm?


What is a Virtual Receptionist and Why Are They Vital to Your Law Firm?

A virtual receptionist’s job is just how it sounds: welcoming people and directing their attention to the right place. Only with a virtual receptionist, that’s all done digitally. It can even be done via software.

Let’s take an example. Someone’s browsing your legal firm’s website. They’re reading. Suddenly, they get a notification. A virtual receptionist wants to know if they can help. Immediately, the customer feels the digital equivalent of walking into your law firm. 

And that little notification on their browser can make all the difference. Here are five reasons why.

Reason #1: A Virtual Receptionist Distinguishes Your Firm

When someone logs onto your website, what do they see? The same thing they see on every other legal website. Stock photos. Some handy blog articles, maybe. Spiffy copy that talks about your experience.

But only 5% of law firms have a virtual live chat receptionist active on their website, which means you can immediately stand out from the crowd. Rather than letting someone passively browse your site and make the hiring decisions for themselves, you can use a virtual receptionist to inform people, engage people, and ultimately, steer them toward hiring you if that’s the right decision.

You might have the most client-focused law firm in your region. But if you have an average website that doesn’t communicate that to potential clients, how are they ever going to know? You have to show them by using a virtual receptionist who demonstrates your commitment to service.

Reason #2: A Virtual Receptionist Creates a Sense of Approachability

A law firm should feel approachable—that someone with a case can talk to you and get an answer quickly. Consider that 42% of the time, law firms take 3+ days to get back to someone. If you were a potential client, how would that make you feel? If you were actively searching for legal representation, you might not even let three days pass before you contacted another law firm. At the very least, you would initiate a conversation with someone who responded to your queries.

A virtual receptionist offers that experience to visitors on your website in a hurry. It eliminates the idea that you’re not approachable. After all, if it only takes a few seconds for someone to get an answer, it meets the very definition of approachable. If you want more clients, be more approachable than the competition.

Reason #3: A Virtual Receptionist Gets More Data

They say knowledge is power. And it is. But when you don’t have any knowledge about inbound leads for potential clients, that lack of power can be hard to see. After all, you don’t know what you don’t know.

A virtual receptionist can help take care of that. Consider that 86% of the time, law firms fail to grab key information like phone numbers and email addresses when people contact them. 86%. Let that sink in. If other legal firms out there aren’t using a virtual receptionist to easily capture some of this basic information, then performing this simple function can give you an instant leg up when it comes to drawing in potential clients.

Reason #4: A Virtual Receptionist Can Start the Conversation First

Imagine you’re a client currently reaching out to three different law firms. You see three different websites. All three legal firms look reputable and professional. But while all three have Contact Us forms that let you reach out, only one of them has a virtual receptionist who’s willing to engage with you right now.

A virtual receptionist gives you that ability to reach out, even if it’s only in a virtual way. Once you have your software’s foot in the door, it’s easy to direct a warmer lead to your attorneys for a consultation.

When in doubt with potential leads, always start the conversation first. If nothing else, speed is the ultimate advantage in marketing your law firm.

Reason #5: A Virtual Receptionist Demonstrates Your Services

When someone visits your website, they’re already making all sorts of unconscious judgments. We like to say we don’t judge books by their covers, but if we’re looking for a law firm to represent us, we’re evaluating everything

By having a virtual receptionist reach out to a website visitor, you’re not only doing all of the things we listed above. You’re also demonstrating what it will be like to work with you in a legal sense. A virtual receptionist demonstrates that you want contact with your clients. It demonstrates how quickly you’re willing to respond. It demonstrates the commitment you make to the online communication systems that keep your legal firm going.

Ultimately, a virtual receptionist isn’t just a way to get your foot in the door. It’s also a way to begin the process of onboarding new clients and turning cold leads into warm leads. It’s a way to build a better legal firm, one website visit at a time.

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